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Rev. Dr. William Matz and the late Rev. Dr. Mary Matz

Rev. Dr. William Matz, Moravian College ’50, Moravian Theological Seminary ’55 and the late Rev. Dr. Mary Matz, Moravian Theological Seminary ’75, ’82

“Bill” - Belief is worthwhile when it causes us to do something about it. The hit tune in the movie Pinnochio touches this truth in another way, “if your heart is in your dream no request is too extreme.” As a married couple, Mary and I came to a point in our lives when we put our love and promise into action by including Moravian College and the Moravian Theological Seminary in our estate plan.

Mary - When our sons were young we came home to Bethlehem from Ohio for a family reunion. As we drove past the statue on the N. Main Street campus lawn, in seeing the stately figure of John Amos Comenius, one of our sons asked, “is that God?” “No,” we answered but he was a godly man who inspired the founding of Moravian College and the Seminary as a beacon of light and education for all. In our effort to make a difference, our will expresses where our love is in order to help students of the future find “the sweet fulfillment of their secret longing” to live a life of effective service.