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Kelly Krieble '86

Moravian Associate Professor of Physics

In the early 90’s I began my career as a teacher. One of the things you learn to do as a teacher is prepare for the future, and as a recent graduate I began to think of things such as investing for retirement, buying a house and setting up a will. I had a friend who was an attorney and he got me to think about how I would like to dispose of my belongings. After a lot of thought I decided that I would include Moravian College as the recipient of my personal library, which has grown with my career. In the years since then I have seen the results of other people who had done the same and realized I had made the right choice. Moravian College prepared me for the career I chose and I thought it only fitting that I give back a little, essentially completing the circle of my academic studies. Being at Moravian every day as a faculty member makes me really appreciate how much of a difference even the smallest gift can make.